Jazz, Soul & Funk Band! Feel good music!


Welcome to "In the Moment Band"

Sax to the Max

Ed Archibald is an amazing Sax & Clarinet player! He will serenade your senses & make you feel at ease. He brings so much energy & elegance to this band. He has had the opportunity to play with so many well recognized people. Ed really brings life to this band with his melodic melodies & masterful compositions. 

He is the heart & soul of "In the moment".

Singer & Song writer

Tyi Hakeem has enjoyed singing from a very early age. Some of the people that influenced her were Cher, Teena Marie, Donna Summers, Prince, Whitney Houston, Pat Benetar & Journey. She was recognized for her musical talent at the age of 9 & knew she wanted to entertain people with her voice & animated personality. She began performing in front of large crowds when she joined the band Rythm City. This experience helped groom her for her performances with the band Bossphilly. For 10 years she graced the stage & built up her musical talant with each passing year. She now enjoys singing with "In the Moment" where she can branch out to entertain with a variety of music including Jazz, Soul & Funk.

Keyboard, Singer & Songwriter

Leland Mickles

Leland Mickles is very talented in many areas of music! He has been involved in the music scene for many years & has worked with many well known artists. Leland is a favorite among many with his outstanding knowledge of music & amazing ability to learn music in a moments notice.

Bringin the Bass!!!

Tommy Wells is a beast on the Bass!!! He is hands down one of the best around! Tommy has been in the music scene for quite a while delivering outstanding performance with practically flawless precision.

Give the drummer some!

Andre Stinnis is a well renowned drummer. He has traveled all over the world delivering a well rounded flavor of sound. He is a delight to work with for his smile shines as bright as his symbols.

Singer & Songwriter

 Amir Flanigan has a soothing & delightful voice that is smooth as silk. Amir has preformed with the well known group "The Last Few" & is currently working on his own project. This young man is a force to be wreckond with &        has a bright future ahead of him.

 Show Schedule 


Sunday  9/15/2013  Happy Hollow (Private) 11am-2:30pm Private 3pc

  Friday   9/20/2013  Wilderness Ridge- Lincoln Ne.  7:30- 11:30


  10/3/2013 Ozone Fund Raiser

10/11/2013 Wilderness Ridge- Lincoln Ne. 7:30- 11:30

10/25/2013  Wilderness Ridge- Lincoln Ne. 7:30- 11:30

11/1/2013  Santa Cruz California

11/8/2013  Wilderness Ridge- Lincoln Ne. 7:30- 11:30

11/15/2013  Wilderness Ridge- Lincoln Ne. 7:30- 11:30

11/30/2013  Wilderness Ridge- Lincoln Ne. 7:30- 11:30

  Thurs 12/12/13  Happy Hollow Club- (Private Party)

Saturday 12/14/2013 (Private Christmas  Party)

12/15/2013 Happy Hollow (Private)

12/21/2013  Wilderness Ridge- Lincoln Ne. 7:30- 11:30

12/22/2013 Happy Hollow ( private) 5:30- 9

12/31/2013 New Years Eve Party!!!

June 14th 2014  Hostetler Wedding

8/9/2014 (Private Engagement Party)